Integrate your Web design and hosting to save time and money

by admin

If you choose to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a web designer to host and update the site you’re throwing money away each month. web hosting companies have become very sophisticated and often offer web design and hosting services at prices that are much lower than designers or design firms charge. It’s easy to make site updates yourself, or have an employee do it without any additional cost to you. Web hosting companies often have a complete set of professional tools and marketing tools that you can customize for your business that is absolutely free when you have a hosting account. Discover how to combine Web Design and Hosting with a single company can save time and money:

Global Web Stats

Instead of waiting for a report on site traffic every month, you can simply log into your account with a hosting company and see things as the number of hits your site has achieved, what people are using keywords to find work, many people are visiting the site, and other useful information. Having immediate access to information that facilitates the creation of an effective marketing campaign and monitor the results of your marketing efforts in real time. Packed full statistics are included free with most hosting accounts, even those that cost a few dollars per month.

Website updates easy

Instead of sending site updates and changes to a private Web designer can make it through the hosting company. You will not need to upload large files or worry about downtime on the site. Simply sign, make some changes and save them. Updates to your site will appear immediately. You can also create your own templates for your site using templates and easy to customize your photos and text. Change the look of your pages on a regular basis is a great way to keep people coming back to the site.

No Hassle Shopping

You do not have to fiddle with third-party sites or shopping cart coding to allow customers to shop online. companies Web Design and Hosting tend to give customers a choice of several different shopping carts that are designed to work with your hosting company’s site and are easy to integrate into your site. Your customers can shop safely and not have to worry about sales being lost when a shopping cart does not work correctly.

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