In recent times, Cisco has announced that they are no longer using the “blue” team in their penetration testing. This news came as a surprise to many in the IT industry. Some people have theorized that Cisco is trying to distance themselves from the “red” team, which is considered to be one of their biggest threats today. This is unfortunate because in many cases, “blue” teams perform well and have been a solid partner for many years. However, this may be a change for the better for all companies involved.

There are a number of reasons why Cisco might want to change their name. First, Cisco needs to increase their market share and become a true leader. Currently, Cisco is lagging behind Microsoft in the network market and is unable to close the gap completely. By changing the way they test new software, they will be able to better compete with Microsoft. Many in the IT industry believe that Microsoft will adopt their new technology sooner rather than later.

The other reason that this may be necessary is because they need to catch up with Microsoft in terms of security. Over the past few years, Cisco has been working very hard to become a leader in security. Security is a very critical issue for companies today and having great security is absolutely crucial. By moving to a new testing platform, they will be able to catch up with Microsoft in this area and gain an edge over their competitors. Now that Windows Vista is out there, companies need to ensure that they are adopting new technology to give them the best protection available.

Blue Team Red Team

One of the ways that Cisco can accomplish this goal is by making sure that their network is able to adapt to any new intrusion attempts. In past years, Cisco has relied on internal networks to test and attack new software and programs. However, they do not have the ability to make any changes to their internal network until they are finished with their penetration testing. With the “New Team” concept, they will have the ability to make any changes to their network at any time. By being able to push the envelope on testing, Cisco will remain one step ahead of Microsoft and become the number one company in network security.

Currently, Cisco has several BIN support tools in place. These tools allow BIN testers to test a variety of systems within their organization in a very short amount of time. Now that Windows Vista has arrived on the scene, it is essential for businesses to utilize these new technologies in order to properly protect their systems. Any good BIN test tool will work with both Windows XP and Windows Vista, so it is important for businesses to utilize the appropriate tools to test their new technology.

Although it is unlikely, Cisco is going to port their BIN technology to Windows Vista anytime soon. However, they have made it very easy to integrate with this newer generation of operating system. Therefore, the time when the two teams might diverge is unlikely. Cisco is a strong company that has many strong partners. If they do decide to add BIN testing to their toolkit, it will only be a positive for the overall quality of their products.

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