“Is Red Herring?” by Kashan Shaha is a fast-paced, thrilling novel about a married man who is suspected of committing adultery. The novel quickly becomes engrossing because of its suspense and the intricate descriptions of the small town of Is Red. One of the main characters, Shahid, an engineering graduate, is suspected of being involved with a sexual affair with another man. Though Shahid is quick to deny any involvement and is unperturbed by his sudden firing from his job, his wife decides to check up on her husband. Her visit to Shahid’s home turns out to be a catalyst for the rest of the story.

I enjoyed reading this Is Red Herring novel as the plot was predictable, but the way it was written made the plot engaging. There were some moments that I found unbelievable but that could be due to the fact that the novel was translated from Arabic to English. That can happen if the translators did a poor job. However, despite these minor flaw, Is Red Herring remains a well-written mystery that will delight the mystery book lover and thrill the adrenaline junkie.

The story starts with Shahid and his associate burying the body of their dead friend. Their discovery of the body belongs to a woman called Murat, who is a part of the local corrupt circle. The investigation into the murder is underway and Shahid is desperate to clear his good name, but he has to contend with his wife and some other characters in the story. This Is Red Herring novel is entertaining and is easily enjoyable despite the non-stop action and climax towards the end.

Is Red?

Murat is one of the main characters in the Is Red Herring novel along with Shahid, a young engineer, and his associate, Mustafa, a young cab driver. All the three are members of a corrupt local gang called the Karamangala which is known to prey on foreigners. Shahid and Mustafa begin to investigate the murder which turns out to be the result of an attempted robbery by two local boys. The three soon discover that they have come to the wrong place when a mysterious man called Ahlam comes out of hiding and attacks them.

Ahlam manages to escape only to start killing everyone in the shop where he is working. It is at this point that Shahid, Mustafa and Ahlam work together to save the locals who have been brutalized. Although Is Red Herring is a short novel, the miniaturist artist Abubaker Saleh describes the setting and scene beautifully. The novel is full of action and violence but Saleh manages to keep the story moving at a steady pace. In short, Saleh has managed to create a compelling novel that is red-hot and exciting.

Miniaturists from all over the world are inspired by this amazing novel. The author is a famous British miniatureaturist who has created a name for himself. This is one exciting book that is sure to make you a star. If you love fantasy, horror, or just great stories, then Is Red Herring is for you.

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