The other day I was talking to someone who has an IT background and she asked me what is a thumb drive? She wanted to know about RDI-MS (Remote Direct Memory Devices) and what they are used for. Well, let me tell you, that is quite a loaded question and one that need to be answered with great care. If you are thinking about getting a new dentist or even switching your current practitioner to another one, having your thumb driven will come in handy time and again. This is especially true if the new practitioner has not had many patients under his belt.

If you have ever had to replace the batteries in your dental equipments, you will know just how time consuming this can be. I remember my first Dentist who used to drag his metal thumb scraper across my teeth like a toothpaste then had to get new ones because they were too hard. You also have to change the ink, remove any damaged parts and put them back together, which can take hours to do. There are also chances that your patient’s gum line may have been eroded away when the previous practitioner wrote on their patient’s teeth. If you are going to take the risk of placing delicate dental records on a new practice’s hardware, you need to make sure it can withstand the torque that the device can exert.

Well, what can a thumb drive do for you? Well, in order for you to be able to transfer your dental records between offices or even across town without disturbing the patient, you need to have a device that can really hold the data. If you are wondering what a thumb drive is and what it does, it is a small device that can be powered either by the Internet or batteries. It has several ports to connect it to different electronic devices which includes keyboards, mice, touch screens and digital cameras.

Whats A Thumb Drive

Another great thing about the zuckerman RC Nd card is that you can transfer your records from one computer to another. What makes this such a good feature is that you can also use it with your RC toys such as the Tuff Tonnage or the Traxxas Truxler. You also have the ability to scan the bar code on your dental records to make it easier for you to give out your information to someone else. How many times have you had to fill out forms and send them in only to receive an email that the information you requested could not be found? The zuckerman is able to help you avoid these types of situations.

The zuckerman printer will allow you to print directly from your computer or a CD. There are other software available but most dental offices like to use the print software because it is easy to use and provides immediate results. When you print, you can either print the page one time or print multiple copies. Many offices like to use the print software because it is easy to navigate and provides instant results.

Your office will benefit greatly with a zuckerman thumb drive. You will save money by cutting down on the amount of paper you have to print out each month. In addition, the printouts will be much faster because your thumb drive can read hundreds of pages at once instead of the traditional 20 or so. If you have more patients than you have room for in your office, you will want to consider purchasing a thumb drive today. It will make your office run smoothly and efficiently and may even save your business.

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