If you are preparing to pitch for a technical post like software developer, chances are, you have to face an online coding test for jobs. When the technical team acts as the main driving force of constant growth and flourishment of companies, onboarding the most efficient candidates has become crucial. Thanks to online coding assessments that have facilitated the recruiters by revolutionising the hiring process with proper analysis and evaluation of the applicants within a stipulated time. 

As a candidate, cracking the coding test is the prerequisite of getting hired for your dream job. To help you prepare for your next coding interview, we have covered everything you must know. And, if you are thinking about taking a coding test, we have got a few recommendations to practice. Geektastic (https://geektastic.com/coding-tests-for-interviews) offer a unique set of coding challenges for you to practice your skills ahead of an assessment.

What is a Coding Test

Coding tests are online assessments sent by a recruiting company to potential candidates to review and screen their technical skills. The test is designed according to the company’s requirements, and the recruiters assess the potential candidates based on their knowledge, coding ability, and problem-solving approach in a set timeframe. 

Types of Coding challenges

As an applicant, you may face three kinds of technical assessment tests:

  • The Take-Home Test: It is the early-phase recruitment process where the employers may give you time-bound (or untimed) coding problems to solve.
  • Technical Screening: To evaluate you have excelled in the take-home test by yourself, the interviewers may send you several time-bound coding problems.
  • On-site Technical Assessment: The company may ask you to take an on-site assessment test. Many times, these challenges are time-bound and designed based on the company’s real-life issues.

Advantages of Online Coding Test for Jobs

Online coding tests are beneficial for both the interviewing company and candidates. Let’s get insight into some of them:

Advantages for Recruiters

  • Know the Applicants Beyond Their CV: To form a skilled technical team for uninterrupted company development, evaluating the candidates based on their CV only is not enough today. Opting for an online coding test for jobs can help the recruiters screen the applicants beyond their academic excellence and scale their potentials well.  
  • Access to a Pool of Candidates: Using a coding test software enables companies to evaluate a pool of candidates concurrently and onboard the best talents based on the skills and information they have submitted. Furthermore, online technical assessment challenges are excellent for companies that aim to internationalise their services by scaling and hiring offshore talents. 
  • Minimises Cost: Unlike traditional recruitment, when a company uses an online assessment software for hiring developers, they can skip spending on sending letters, taking on-site tests, calling for interviews, and more!
  • Creation of an Internal Talent Database: Thanks to online coding tests software that stores the scores and information of the previously assessed applicants creating an internal database. So while opening a new interview process, the interviewers can contact them if needed. Moreover, the software offers effortless integration with ATS (Application Tracking System) that makes the screening process seamless and more convenient.  

Advantages for the Candidates

  • Candidates can complete an online coding challenge staying in their stress-free comfort zone.
  • Being evaluated based on an online coding test for jobs, potential candidates can explore opportunities beyond their countries. It not only saves a lot of money but also facilitates globalisation.

How Are the Results Evaluated?

The goal of an online coding assessment is to help tech-companies hire the best software developers. So, once the test is complete, how does the evaluation process go on? 

Here is the process in a nutshell:

  • While evaluating, the recruiters count on how well the candidates have performed when exposed to factual challenges.
  • They also prioritise the company preferences. For instance, if a company works on test-driven development, it will focus on the unit tests while assessing.
  • Here online coding test software comes into use. These specially designed tools enable recruiters to simulate a real-time challenge to evaluate the developers’ on multiple parameters like their logical approach, decision-making process, analytical thinking besides their coding skills.
  • The tech team of the assessment software also provides a thorough analysis of the candidates’ codes, facilitating the recruiter’s analysis tasks extensively!

How to Ace a Coding Test

Taking an online coding test for jobs may seem daunting, but when you have the best possible preparation, you can ace the test!

Never Underestimate the Challenges

No matter how expert a developer you are, coding tests are specially designed to challenge your skills. Besides analysing your coding skills, these tests offer the recruiters a thorough overview of your problem-solving skill, thought-process, and more. So, never underestimate the difficulty level of such tests and expect them to be challenging enough!

Learn About the Company

As we have already mentioned, most top companies depend on coding tests tailored for their company requirements and real-life challenges. Some companies also repeat questions! So, before taking a challenge, make sure you analyse the company very well and prepare yourself accordingly. 

Try to gather information about the following things:

  • The software the company specialises in
  • The frameworks and languages they use in software development
  • The projects they are working on currently

Master the Basics

As a software engineer or developer, you, of course, know how to code, but it’s best to review the coding basics while preparing for a coding test. 

Some coding basics you should revise are:

  • Looping Structures
  • Logic and Arithmetic Operators
  • Variable Declaration
  • Program Structures
  • Data Structures
  • Control Structures, etc.

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

If you want to excel in your next coding test, sharpen your skills through constant practice. Different online coding software can come into use here. 

You have a handful of websites to practice from:

  • LeetCode: Level up your coding skill with LeetCode, a browser-based, fully functional IDE that supports 14 programming languages offering 200+ coding challenges! Thanks to LeetCode that helps you master coding skills by providing mock interview resources and enabling you to view your status: the time you have taken to complete a challenge, how well you have performed compared to others, etc. You can opt for the premium version, but the free one is also excellent to supercharge your skills.
  • HackerRank: With the motto to match talented developers with great tech giants, HackerRank helps candidates polish their skills and get hired. Supporting 43 different programming languages, HackerRank offers live competition to help you crack your real-life technical interview. You can also apply for available posts at companies using your challenge scores on HackerRank!
  • GeeksforGeeks: Another excellent web portal to help candidates master the technical interviews offering tons of educational content and real-world coding challenges. You will find challenges tagged with top companies. If you have set a plan to apply to a specific company, you can orderly study the tests under that company’s tag in GeeksforGeeks.