If you’re looking for an OutSystems review, you’ve come to the right place. OutSystems is a low-code development platform for major businesses and developers that want to launch their apps directly to app stores. This is an application development tool that manages the complete software development lifecycle.
Similar to the Pillir review, we’ll review the main features of OutSystems and briefly cover a few alternatives.

How Does OutSystems Work?

OutSystems is arguably one of the best platforms for low-code app development. This platform contains visual tools and drag-and-drop components that enable developers to build apps.
OutSystems also has reusable templates for developers that are not looking to start building an app from scratch.
This platform contains extensive features for:

  • Integration with other web services e.g. PayPal, Google Maps and SAP
  • App deployment
  • Project management
  • Automation capabilities
  • Application performance monitoring
  • In-depth admin capabilities
  • Multilanguage support

All these features are designed to ease and fasten the app development process.
You can use OutSystems to build mobile apps, web applications, chatbot-powered virtual assistants, even internal business systems for your organization.

OutSystems Pricing Plan

OutSystems currently has four payment plans, free, basic, standard, and enterprise. All these plans have different features and limitations.

Free Plan Features

The free plan is perfect for small companies that seek to design apps and systems for internal use and that have less than 100 users. The free plan does not allow all OutSystems features, but they are enough to help you get started. The features you stand to enjoy with a free plan are:

  • Free online training
  • Single app development environment
  • Email how-to support
  • Shared cloud infrastructure
  • Unlimited applications

Basic Plan Features

OutSystems’ basic plan starts at $4000 per month (billed annually). This plan is ideal for organizations with 100 to 1000 users. The features include:

  • Unlimited applications
  • Email how-to support
  • Three app development environments
  • One pipeline for platform configuration
  • Private, public and hybrid cloud app deployment
  • Integration with other external web services

Standard Plan Features

The standard plan begins at $10,000 per month (billed annually). This plan features all the others in the free and standard plans plus:

  • App deployment on-premises or on private cloud
  • 8 hours, 5 days a week customer support
  • Scalability
  • Unlimited internal end-user capacity

Enterprise Plan Features

Customers have to request a custom quote for the enterprise plan. This plan has all the features available on OutSystems, including publishing your apps directly to App stores and 24/7 customer support.

Layout and Navigation

OutSystems is easy to navigate. The platform’s layout is simple, clean and orderly. The top navigation bar contains only four tabs. The four are platform, learn, community and support.
The platform tab is where you will be doing all the app building, while the learn tab is where you’ll access how-to courses and tutorials. The community and support tabs are there for enquiries and support.

The App Development Experience

The OutSystems platform has AI support that guides you through the app development process. Online supports occurs with an animated arrow, and it starts from the time you create your cloud environment to when you test and launch the app.
Without online support, you might have a challenging time finding features and getting around the platform.
OutSystems also asks you questions like your expertise level and what you would like to design so that the platform can tailor your experience.

Alternatives to OutSystems

So, now we’ve covered the outsystems review, here are the top alternatives to OutSystems:


With Pillir even the most complex SAP bespoke business processes are easy to design, modernise, and manage. Pillir supports a wide range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, SaaS, iPhone, iPad & Android. Outsystems does not currently support Mac & Liniux.


Mendix is an excellent low-code development platform. Although, there are some features in OutSystems that this platform lacks, for example, app performance monitoring and multi-language support.

Salesforce Platform

Salesforce platform is ideal for developing enterprise apps, but it also lacks some features available in OutSystems. This platform is also cheaper compared to OutSystems.
Other platforms that offer low-code app development include:

  • Appian
  • Microsoft PowerApps
  • VisionX
  • Kissflow

The Bottom Line

OutSystems is a low-code development platform that targets big organizations and businesses. This platform has features and components designed to ease and quicken the app development process. The only downside to this platform is the costly subscription plans.